March 13, 2004

Hey Archer!  You've got one cool website.  I really like your photo; you're one handsome dude! I'm kind of lazing around inside today -- went to school this morning and they wore me out with a lot of lessons.  Heck, I'd rather just tussle with all the other students.  (You know, it's reeeeeally hard to "stay" when there are so many great looking girls in the same room!)  Anyhow, maybe I'll see you at the Park later today.  We're waiting for my mom's cousin to come visit with her dog Nash, a Golden Retriever.  He's going to do a sleep-over; I'm not sure if I'll like sharing my house, but we'll see.

 Thanks for putting my photo on your site.  I see you got my best side.  One thing:  I'm actually a Cairn Terrier.  Norfolks are relatives of mine, but they don't have tails and their ears droop. I'm glad I have a real tail, it makes a good handle for my mom to try to catch me when I'm playing hard-to-get! 

 Catch you later bud!      Duffy


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