March 12, 2004

Dear Archer,

 Thanks for putting me on the web!  Great site!  Mom and dad take pictures of me to send to friends, but the web is too cool.

 We stayed in this morning because mom's friend is coming at 10:30 and we'll walk then, but the best part will be later when I will look for you and my other friends at the baseball field (mom calls it 'Big Rec').

 Thanks again for taking my picture.  Archer's home page picture is so cute.  If I were still a puppy I would be in love.  I am an old girl now, but not envious of the young girls and boys who play.  I know that we each have our time to play.  It is my time to eat these days, but I still love getting out.

 See you later I hope,


 and cats Zelda, Carlo and Nunzio say 'hi' to Madeline and Elwood.


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